The Story behind Sankalp Outfits

Who Am I?

I am Suharchala, The founder of Sankalp Outfits.

What Made me to build this Brand?

I was a Software Professional who was keen at logical thinking and believes "Every Problem has the Solution". I was given up my IT job to take care of my first child who was born with health issues. I used to be very choosy to pick clothes for my daughter with the concern to give her comfort with the best possible design. As the creative minds can never get locked, I explored more with the relevant studies on Fashion Designing and techniques on this new field. I used to create my own designs for my daughter initially, and then started gifting my designs to my beloved friends and their daughters. I couldn't take away my concern about comfort and quality for every outfit I make. So, I design the product in my imagination and bring it live meeting the preset conditions of comfort and design, choosing high quality material.

I gain Tons of energy and happiness, when a friend express their feedback for the outfit I made them which motivated me to learn more and do more. The energy acquired from many of my friends feedback and suggestions made me introduce this Brand "Sankalp Outfits" -The Positive Vibes on your way. I Promise myself to continue this online store with the increased energy..... 

What's my Motive through this brand?

My motive through this brand "Sankalp" is to deliver the Indo Western outfits which promises comfort and customised outfits with high quality material and meet the client needs in all ranges.